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Development perspective railway zone Arnhem-East (NL)

Type: development perspective

Year: 2020-2021

Team: BURA urbanism

Role: assistant designer 

The Development Perspective gives substance to the city's ambition to develop the Arnhem-East railway zone into an area where living, working and recreation come together. The existing business areas will be strengthened and the focus will shift to slow traffic, public transport and green streets. The project sets four main goals for the future of the Arnhem East railway zone:

1) Connected: it is easily accessible by public transport and it is attractive for walking and cycling

2) Nieuwe Arnhemse Mix: it is a district with a rich palette to residential and work functions. 3) Energetic: an energetic and sustainable neighbourhood with room for all forms of entrepreneurship

4) Proud of East: it is a neighbourhood to be proud of and where people from different backgrounds feel connected.

For more information about the project click here

image credits: BURA urbanism

Arnhem Oost_2021_BURA_Ambitiekaart Spoorzone Arnhem-Oost_lowres.jpg
Arnhem Oost_2021_BURA_Rijnpark impressie_lowres.jpg
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