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Arxellence 2 Thessaloniki_2020_BURA_Impression-An enclosed garden within the raised path_l
Arxellence 2 Thessaloniki_2020_BURA_Agenda and mission_lowres.jpg

A view of the bay/ A glance at the future (GR)

Type: competition entry

Year: 2020

Team: BURA urbanism

Role: project leader

The proposal “A view of the bay/A glance at the future” for a Central Business District of Thessaloniki, Greece suggests a vibrant neighborhood that is a pleasant living and working environment and introduces a new skyline for the city. The proposal densifies the area with 400,000 square meters of program including mixed functions. The main element is a continuous pedestrian route along the bay that creates an elevated public space.

* 6th Prize International Ideas Competition for the New Central Business District (CBD) of Thessaloniki

competition results

For more information about the project click here

image credits: last image Alumil, rest images BURA urbanism

Arxellence 2 Thessaloniki_2020_BURA_Plandrawing-urban framework_lowres.jpg
Arxellence 2 Thessaloniki_2020_BURA_Impression-The path becomes a lifted building on top o
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