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Scientific Technological Park Alexandroupolis, Greece 

Type: Master Thesis, Group project

Year: 2016

The proposal focuses on the western part of the coast of the town which is the most natural coastal area and raises development issues. The goal is to revitalize the area so we were led to the idea of a Scientific Technological Park. 

The primary consideration and goal is to connect this region with the rest of the city to the east, and the coastal zone. There are two connection possibilities. The first is an axis that leads to the creation of green spaces and sports facilities network that connects the city’s central park with sports facilities, and leads to our area. This axis is a pedestrian and bicycle area, and promotes the operation and use of parks and sports facilities by more residents. The second connection is made to restore the continuity of the coastal axis. 

The project was presented in the 4th Architecture Week Kavala, Greece - "Designing the coastal front"

Sep 2017 – Oct 2017

You can read more here

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