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Merwede, Utrecht (NL)

Type: urban plan and image quality plan

Year: 2018-2021

Team: BURA urbanism

Role: intern/assistant designer

Merwede is an industrial estate of 24 hectares and an example of transformation to a mixed, sustainable and healthy neighbourhood with a high density. This is possible because the 10 involved owners, including the municipality, together
have drawn up a plan. The car-free character and the focus on pedestrians and cyclists makes the project special. The buildings will differ in size, height and architecture. Merwede contains a total of more than 200 buildings that provide for a diverse roof landscape and a unique cityscape

For more information about the project click here

image credits: BURA urbanism

1605_Merwede_2021_BURA_Stedenbouwkundig Plan_lowres.jpg
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