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Museum of city - Xanthi (GR)

Type: Academic group project

Year: 2013

Subject : designing of a ‘Museum of city’ in the city of Xanthi, Greece


Main idea : the development of the museum around a central courtyard 


The building is organized by the movement of visitors around the courtyard. We suggest a ramp which starts from the entrance and continues in the rest of the building. 

Permanent exhibition rooms are developed on the right wing of the building and as visitors climb the ramp halls articulate on the axis of movement and go up to the first floor. On the ground floor, we also find the educational programmes room and workshops area. In the left-wing of the building, on the ground floor there are the entrance hall, a lecture hall and the periodic exhibition room. Periodic exhibitions continue up to the first floor. Upstairs are also the offices and the library of the museum.

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