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Urban Water - Eindhoven (NL)

Type: Academic group project

Year: 2018

​The project area includes Vredeoord and Celsius phase 1 and 2 in Woensel West, Eindhoven. The basic aim of the proposal is to create the necessary conditions for a climate resilient environment. For this reason, an important element, water, is considered as a starting point for the design. 

In Vredeoord, on the north, water adds an opportunity to make inhabitants connected to the natural environment, beyond presence of natural green areas. In Celcius water represents more a motivation for residents to gather in the common areas and therefore the proposal helps in strengthening the sense of neighborhood. In general we try to create a diversity of public spaces that encourage social interaction. 


The concept of the design can be described in 3 layers

1.The first one is the green layer. There is a green belt which surrounds the project area, We tried to make green penetrate in the urban environment by creating the “green fingers” characterized by a strong presence of green. In Vredeoord there is a strong relation of green areas with the dominant office buildings, both of them are treated in similar way by creating a park next to them, the parks consist also a buffer zone between offices and houses and create potential contact between residents and workers in specific day hours.

2. The second layer is mobility directions and structure of the buildings. In Celcius there is one main axis leading to Celcius square, while in Vredeoord distribution system is based on a main axis cutting in middle the neighborhood and it is also a green finger. Roads are following the road skeleton in two different ways. In Celsius  2 there are closed quarters (strong external barrier while in the interior there is a game between the internal blocks. In Vredeoord housing is relating towards the axis and face main mobility directions.

3. Third layer is the water system. The main idea of the water system is that all drops of rain that are not stored or infiltrated are led to the western railway park turning an area with no specific function into a potential healthy and recreational space for both neighborhoods.


At the last step of the project, working individually, one part of the design is designed in more detail trying to achieve a great percentage of green in the designed area.

1804_ Havenstad green structures.jpg
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